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About us

HSBC is investing in and deploying technology to improve customer experience, make the bank more efficient and enable its growth priorities. Global Ventures, Innovation and Partnerships accelerates the development of digital products and services in our key markets.


  • Gain insights into major innovation trends
  • Catalyse early adoption of new technologies or business models
  • Support all businesses and functions of HSBC
  • Seek sound financial returns but recognise risky nature of venture investment


  • Support from global business or function
  • Direct balance sheet investments (not a fund)
  • Series A through Growth investments
  • Low regulatory and reputation risks

Key Themes

Security, Crime Prevention & Identity

  • Protect our customers and our firm against external and internal criminal threats
  • KYC, online identity

& Analytics

  • Foundation tools: Data management, analytics and AI
  • Advisory services and sales acceleration
  • Informed pricing and risk management

Open Banking & Client Networks

  • Acceleration of the adoption of external technologies, organisation of APIs
  • Multibank platforms, new intermediaries
  • Client networks (e.g. supply chains)

Operational Efficiency

  • Automation
  • Industry utilities (sharing capacity)
  • New industry standards and processes (e.g. payments, blockchain)
  • Migration to the cloud